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Get Ready to Jam! Homemade Jams: 100 House Concerts to End Hunger

50 million Americans struggle to put food on the table. Many people ask us “what can I do to help?” It’s easier than you think! We have launched a fun and inspiring campaign to get musicians and music fans engaged in WhyHunger’s work – Homemade Jams: 100 House Concerts to End Hunger. As a leader in the fight against hunger & poverty, WhyHunger is enlisting 100 artists and music fans to host house concerts and raise much needed funds for the work that we are doing. Will you join us? WhyHunger is working with community-based groups across the United States and worldwide to put an end to the struggle that so many are facing and your participation in the Homemade Jams campaign will make a difference!

Got a favorite local musician or maybe you play music yourself? Pick a date, invite some friends and collect donations. Visit the Homemade Jams website where you can learn more about the campaign and get the tools you need to produce and promote a successful house concert yourself. Don’t forget to register your event once it’s confirmed via our Registration Form…and have fun!  Check out these  photos from past Homemade Jams.