WhyHunger's global Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign, with Hard Rock International and Yoko Ono Lennon, is challenging the charitable approach to childhood hunger by working with grassroots partners to ensure that children have access to nutritious food today and for the rest of their lives by supporting long-term, sustainable solutions that rebuild local food and farm economies.

Imagine There’s No Hunger was the official charity for Times Square New Year's Eve 2013!


  • Helped communities grow enough food to provide over 7.2 million meals to children in 22 different countries
  • Partnered with 34 grassroots organizations to support programs that taught over 8,800 family and community members techniques for sustained food production for a future of free hunger.
  • The campaign has raised more than $5.6 million to help fight childhood hunger
  • Activated and educated thousands of supporters across the globe through #Imaginenohunger and Text to Donate

The Vision

In just five years, WhyHunger, in conjunction with Hard Rock International and Yoko Ono Lennon, have helped communities grow enough food to provide more than 5.5 million meals for children in need from 22 countries around the world! And to ensure a future without hunger, Imagine There’s No Hunger supports sustainable agriculture training and programs for children and their families at 34 grassroots organizations across the globe.

Inspired by John Lennon’s vision of a world at peace and free from hunger, Imagine There’s No Hunger helps children throughout the world tap into their own power to change their lives by not just meeting their immediate nutritional needs each day, but by engaging them and their families as active participants in growing food in their school yards, establishing farms in their communities and villages using sustainable agroecological production methods. In short, the Imagine partners are innovators in designing and implementing community-based and sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty.

The campaign is highlighted during the months of November and December each year, enlisting the world in the fight against hunger and poverty by asking for donations via Text to Donate, offering specially branded Imagine There’s No Hunger merchandise and creating a conversation with #ImagineNoHunger via twitter and facebook.

Join Us

Join us in making the vision of Imagine There’s No Hunger a reality.

Join the conversation at hashtag #ImagineNoHunger and spread the word or visit us on facebook. Text IMAGINE to 50555 to donate $10. Donate online & shop our signature Imagine There's No Hunger line of gifts.

Bid on exclusive auction items from your favorite musicians, athletes and personalities and be part of the solution at Hungerthon.org!

Remember you only have till December 31st to help the Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign reach its goals and continue to feed children and teach techniques for sustained food production, well into 2014. A donation of just $2 feeds a child for a day.

Learn more about Imagine There’s No Hunger, what the campaign is doing around the world, and the fight against hunger and poverty at Hardrock.com/imagine.

A Team Effort

Can you Imagine a world without hunger? WhyHunger can, and together we will engage millions of individuals across the globe to end childhood hunger and support grassroots organizations working through sustainable agricultural solutions to ensure that everyone has good food for today and the resources to ensure a future free from hunger.

With the support of Yoko Ono Lennon, Hard Rock International and dozens of Artist Ambassadors, such as Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Carlos Santana, Joss Stone and more, Imagine There’s No Hunger is enlisting donors and supporters across the globe to bring an end to childhood hunger.

Meet the Key Players

Yoko Ono Lennon

A tireless defender of children around the globe, Yoko Ono Lennon has been a vital force behind the Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign since its inception. With the shared vision of her late husband, John Lennon, for a world filled with peace and without hunger, Yoko Ono has played a key role in building awareness and funds for the campaign through her activism, appearances and gracious support.

Hard Rock International

The Hard Rock International helped WhyHunger to create the Imagine There’s No Hunger Campaign and has been instrumental in raising awareness and funds on a global scale. As a global brand with philanthropy at its roots, Hard Rock International venues across the world host concerts and sell specially branded Imagine There’s No Hunger merchandise to raise funds and awareness to end child hunger worldwide.

The Artist Ambassadors

Throughout the campaign, dozens of musicians, like Yoko Ono Lennon, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Tonic, Carlos Santana, Ringo Star, O.A.R, Joss Stone, among many others, engage in fundraising and awareness building to rally support and funds to end child hunger. From fundraising concerts and site visits with our grassroots partners in the field, to sharing their experiences and hopes to end child hunger with their fans through the various social media channels, our Artists Ambassadors help to grow the movement to end hunger through the Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign year after year.


Whyhunger supports some of the most innovative community-based organizations across the country, that are working every day implementing solutions in times of immediate crisis and long-term, sustained solutions to the on-going crisis of hunger and poverty. To benefit this work by WhyHunger, each fall, Hungerthon brings a month of events, interviews, social media activation and a broadcast radiothon with Sirius XM, CBS Radio Group and other radio partners. Through the support of the radio industry, listeners and volunteers, Hungerthon raises funds to benefit WhyHunger programs, brings national attention to the Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign and invites listeners to take action. Learn more atwww.hungerthon.org.


Last year, the Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign received donations from thousands of supporters all over the world. Help to make this year even stronger by donating, as well as, joining the conversation on twitter with #ImagineNoHunger and facebook/WhyHungerFans, making a donation to receive signature Imagine There’s No Hunger gifts or texting IMAGINE to 50555 to donate $10 to WhyHunger. Data & message rates apply, full terms at www.hungerthon.org/text.

The Approach

“There is more than enough food to feed every woman, man, and child on the planet--at least one and a half times enough food to meet current demand.” - UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Hunger persists in our world because people cannot afford to buy food or because they are denied access to the land, water and other resources they need to produce their own food. The Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign combats the root causes of hunger and poverty through an approach that works in concert with the environment in a way that will let it thrive, grow and give back for many generations, and that places the power to build and participate in local food and farm economies back in the hands of the community.

In 2008, in the spirit of John Lennon’s vision for a world in peace and free from hunger, the Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign was born. For the past six years, in partnership with Hard Rock International and with the gracious support of Yoko Ono Lennon, WhyHunger has worked through the Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign to engage supporters across the globe in an effort to rid the world of childhood hunger and poverty through sustainable solutions.

The Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign works with grassroots partners around the world who are innovators in their own communities implementing programs that feed nutritious farm-fresh food to children and teach sustainable agroecological methods of farming. These organizations champion a community based approach to ending poverty and hunger by providing healthy food today while fostering income-earning opportunities rooted in a local, sustainable economy. In short, these partners are ensuring that children and their communities will be fed today and will have the capacity and resources to feed themselves in the years to come. The grassroots organizations that WhyHunger and the Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign supports, are on the frontlines of fighting hunger in times of crisis and 365 days a year. These organizations are often the most equipped to provide food, water and critical services to those in need in the aftermath of a natural disaster and are invested in long-term recovery for the community.

Partnering with organizations all over the world that value this approach, is only one piece of this campaign. Imagine There’s No Hunger works to engage everyone in a broader movement to end hunger and poverty. As donors who make a financial contribution; as advocates who spread the word about community-based solutions; as artists who use their creative voices to support the campaign through music; as bloggers, journalists and filmmakers who tell our partners’ stories of hope and change – we are all critical to multiplying the impact of the sustainable and transformative approach that WhyHunger believes will bring us closer to a peaceful world without hunger and poverty.

  • Added Value- Brooklyn, NY
  • Asociación Femenina para el Desarrollo de Sacatepéquez (Women’s Association for the Development of Sacatepéquez) AFEDES- Sacatepéquez, Guatemala
  • Brooklyn Rescue Mission- New York, USA
  • Ground for Africa at Pathfinder Academy - Kitale, Kenya
  • Community Food Bank NJ- New Jersey, USA
  • Confederación Nacional de Mujeres Campesinas (Confederation of Rural Women) CONAMUCA - Dio Diras San Cristobal, Dominican Republic
  • Delta Fresh Food Initiative - Mississippi, USA
  • Development Action Association (DAA)- Accra, Ghana
  • DouglaPrieta Works/ DouglaPrieta Trabajan- Agua Prieta, Mexico
  • East New York Farms!- New York, USA
  • Edible Schoolyard NOLA- New Orleans-Louisiana, USA
  • Foundacion Arte y Cultura Del Pacifico (The Seeds of Liberation and Resistance) FUNDARTECP- Bogota, Colombia
  • Hope North - Bweyale, Uganda
  • Indali Agricultural Communal Property Association- Kammaland, South Africa
  • Institute for Production and Research of Tropical Agriculture - Mérida, Venezuela
  • Karen Environmental and Social Action Network (KESAN)- Karen, Myanmar
  • Kuna Children’s Project- Kuna Yala, Panama
  • Mary’s Meals School Garden- Grand Cape Mount, Liberia
  • National Coalition of Peasants Organizations (C-NOP)- Yaoundé, Cameroon
  • National Fisheries Solidarity Organization (NAFSO) - Negombo, Sri Lanka
  • Pattanarak Foundation - Bangkok, Thailand
  • Peasant Movement of Papaye (MPP) - Hinche, Haiti
  • Pesticide Eco-Alternatives Center (PEAC) - Kunming, Yunnan, China
  • Project Bona Fide - Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua
  • Pue’ta’ke Vca’ke Foundation - Okmulgee, OK, USA
  • Sentebale- Maseru, Lesotho
  • Shanghai Roots and Shoots -Shanghai, China
  • Sustainable Urban-Rural Collaborative (SURCO) - El Paso, Texas (Mexico-U.S. border)
  • The Haitian Platform to Advocate Alternative Development - Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • The INN- New York, USA
  • The Learning Farm- Menteng, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Tohono O’odham Community Action(TOCA)- Arizona, USA
  • Udayan (City of Joy) - Kolkata, India
  • New York Common Pantry - New York, USA

“By Imagining there’s no hunger, like what John sang in his song, we express our strong desire to bring a world in which children will never again suffer from hunger or poverty.” – Yoko Ono Lennon To learn more about hunger and poverty around the world visit the Food Security Learning Center at WhyHunger, or the US Food Sovereignty Alliance.

Our Community Partners

  • Tohono O’odham Community Action.

    Tohono O’odham Community Action, through their Beginning Farmer Training Program and Young O’odham United Through Health programs, provides nutritious and indigenous food to approximately 800 children per year in their school lunch program while training new farmers in the production and marketing of traditional foods.

  • Common Ground for Africa at Pathfinder Academy (CGA)
    Through its Feed the Village Farm, Common Ground for Africa provides a total of 63,680 meals each month to boarding students, day scholars and staff members, as well as providing fresh food for orphans and other vulnerable children in the community, assisting approximately 2,700 families a year.
  • Added Value, Red Hook, Brooklyn, USA

    Through the almost 3-acre Red Hook Community Farm, Added Value provides healthy, affordable food to a neighborhood in need, as well as farm-based learning for 1,300 kids annually and job training and employment for local teens. Devastated after Hurricane Sandy, we are working to help the farm and community rebuild.

  • Pattanarak Foundation, Thailand

    Pattanark Foundation hosts an organic farm and runs agricultural programs that provide nutritious food for school meals, daycare programs and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Thailand, feeding an estimated 1,000 children per year.

  • Shanghai Roots and Shoots

    Through their Kidstrong program, Shanghai Roots and Shoots provides soy protein for 3,100 students at 5 migrant schools for the entire year, both at school and at home.

  • CONAMUCA (Confederation of Rural Women) Dominican Republic

    CONAMUCA provides nutrition education and daily nutritious meals to feed at least 65,700 children, ages 7-14, much of the produce coming from its newly established farm and training center.

  • Delta Fresh Food Initiative, USA

    The Delta Fresh Food Initiative has organized a Farm to School Program throughout the Mississippi Delta. This program works to provide fresh, healthy food to over 1,000 students, K-12, each year in one of the most disadvantaged regions in the country.

  • National Fisheries Solidarity Organization (NAFSO) Sri Lanka

    The National Fisheries Solidarity Movement feeds more than 500 children and families each year who have been displaced by ongoing violence and disruption from the civil war which ended in 2010. NASFSO also gives farm animals to the families of fishermen lost at sea, which provides both nutritious food and extra income for the families.

  • Peasant Movement of Papaye (MPP) Haiti

    In the Central Plateau, the Peasant Movement of Papaye (MPP) established farms and agricultural training programs at two rural K-8 schools where more than 1,000 children are provided with full, nutritious meals to grow and learn more effectively throughout the day. MPP has also built cisterns to provide these students with fresh water for the first time and vegetable gardens.

  • Project Bona Fide Nicaragua

    In Nicaragua Project Bona Fide runs a child nutrition program, Café Infantil, which provides 100 children ages 3-6 with fresh milk, eggs and multivitamins throughout the year.

  • Udayan (City-of-Joy) India

    Through its Nutrition and Healthy Meals program, Udayan helps feed 304 families from leper colonies in the slums in and around Kolkata, most with young children, and fully supports 300 students with 3 meals per day every day of the year much of it produced by the students themselves on an on-site farm.

  • Hope North Uganda

    Hope North fully supports 210 child refugees and orphans each year though programs that include agricultural training and meals provided in its living and learning community with an accredited secondary school and vocational training center.

  • Community FoodBank of New Jersey, Hillside, New Jersey, USA

    The Community FoodBank of New Jersey fights to end hunger and poverty by both assisting people in need and seeking long term solutions. In partnership with a local farm, it engages kids in nutrition and farm education, and procures 700,000 pounds of fresh produce annually to feed almost a million people. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, they are on the front lines providing food and services to families in need.

  • Indali Agricultural Communal Property Association, Kammaland, South Africa

    The Indali Agricultural Communal Property Association works with local children from the Kinder Garden Program in Johannesburg, South Africa. The program is based on two local farmers training six older youth in the community who then train and assist over 60 young children, from three local schools, to plant and harvest their own food and donate the excess to the needy.

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